Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Daily Conundrum: May 30th, 2007

By Doug Branson

In a matter of hours and two radio shows later, Kobe Bryant made another difficult life decision. He went from being on the trading block, to a Laker for life in between psychological sessions with Stephen A. Smith, Phil Jackson, and Dan Patrick. It’s really a shame that Kobe didn’t take more time to mull this over. We as a sports nation missed out on a lot of great moments that could have been.

We didn’t get the unique perspective of another bad front office that you get from a Kiki Vande "wegh in.”

No Dee Brown reminding us why Dream Job was a failed experiment.

No time for ESPN to develop specialized graphics with Kobe in an assortment of uniforms from Bulls red to Warrior blue.

No comment from Kevin Garnett saying he wouldn’t ask for a trade if he we’re a Laker.

No chance for a Boston Globe reporter to ask Danny Ainge about the possibility of bringing in Bryant and getting a response that equates to, “Why would we? We’re already a playoff team.”

No subsequent riots in the streets of Boston.

No examples of how hypocritical Philadelphia sports fans are as they cheer wildly at the news that Bryant is interested in becoming a Sixer.

No chance for Bryant’s agent to insinuate that he would be a perfect fit somewhere between Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson.

No subsequent riots in Denver.

No opportunity for Isaiah Thomas to ponder moving the 2021 and 2022 first round draft picks out west.

No silly "war to sports" analogies comparing Kobe to a refugee.

Nope. Sadly, this story seems like its over before it began. But all is not lost. It will be a long off-season in Los Angeles and they still have a whole draft they can bungle. Until then, we can only dream of the possibilities.

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