Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Daily Recommendations: May 29, 2007

By Doug Branson

Television from across the pond
: The IT Crowd
The IT Crowd is a hilarious series out of the UK about the goings on of three IT employees at Denim Industries. Mixing a blend of well executed site gags, ridiculous bits, and the quick wit that we have come to expect from British comedy, this 2006 show has almost completed it's second series. Try and track it down if you can, but if not NBC is bringing the series to the States as a mid-season replacement. It will star Joel McHale (The Soup) and Richard Ayodade, an original cast member from the UK version.

Books for History Buffs: "A Godly Hero: The Life of Williams Jennings Bryan" Michael Kazin
Bryan was the ultimate presidential almost ran. He was a "moral populist" a rare breed in politics then and basically extinct now. He sacrificed his entire career for his cemented principles, making him the Dr. Cox of his age. Kazin does a great job of not only showing us the finer points of the "Great Commoner" but also highlighting his demons. A must read.

More articles to come so stay tuned to the Daily Obsession!

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